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Hello new and current CFO members! -

If it isn't already obvious we are in unprecedented times. However we are so delighted to welcome our current members back into the gym starting June 1st! We do have two new things to ask our members to do before coming back into the gym.

One is to fill out a new waiver. Everybody must fill out a new waiver. It has new language supporting COVID-19 guidelines.

Second, we are going to begin scheduling classes! To some this is a welcomed sight! Others this might be cramping your freedom of dropping into the gym. In order to support social distancing guidelines, CFO has decided this will be the best way to control the space we have for individuals.


Daily WOD

June 3 2020

CFO WOD: Warm Up: 3x 10 HighKnees 10 Spider-Man 10 Butt ...

June 2 2020

CFO WOD: So Great to see faces Monday. ...

June 1 2020 -Ohhhh Yeah!!!

CFO WOD: Here we go!!! Back home!!! ...

Important links for CFO

Please begin scheduling your spot to work out in our gym:

Click Here to access CFO Schedulicity

Please fill out a new waiver to support CFO COVID guidelines:

Click Here to access CFO Docusign waiver