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Dark Horse 

Dark Horse is unique programming, designed with the  CrossFit competitor in mind.  This training includes strength building techniques and endurance to aid in your goals in CrossFit competing, or any other goals that demand strength and speed.  Terry Rose has developed this programming with his background in CrossFit fundamentals, CrossFit Football, and Olympic lifting.

Dark Horse is about you.  The only person you should ever truly compete with is yourself. Let others motivate and inspire but you are te only one deep down inside that knows you did what you could to achieve success. No one will ever know if you cheated your way to get there except yourself. The whiteboard is there not for comparisons (although it is fun to have a number) but for you to be confident enough in yourself to put your number that you accomplished with pride and show you schooled yourself that day. Be proud of the whiteboard and the number you post everyday. Not because you beat somebody else, but because you challenged yourself and won.