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March 27 2020

Partner up if yo can Via Face Time, Zoom, Skype, whatevs.
You can add in a Siamese (two people work at same time). Or you can run this solo! Either way have some fun!! And get after it. Work with what ya got. If one of you is barbell and the other is BodyWeight. That’s ok!

Warm Up:
Your Warm Up for today is 40 Burpees. Do this with your partner. Video it if you want and send some Love to Stefanie Brooks Thursday Bday and Ryan Hagan Friday Bday. Love you guys. Yes I will do 40 Burpees for you both!

Partner Up
20 Minute AMRAP -You Go I Go Rounds

Barbell Crew
3 Overhead Squats
6 Pull UPs/barbell Bent Over Row
*put a challenging weight on there
27 Double Unders (1-1)

Minimal Weight Crew
3 Single Arm Overhead Squats or Goblet Squats (if you have a plate squat with it OH if you can with both hands)
9 Pull UPs/ Db/KB/Plate Bent Over Row
27 Double Unders (1-1)

Body Weight Crew
3 Jumping Squats (if you have a PVC use it)
9 Pull UPs/push Ups
27 Double Unders (1-1)

*if you don’t have a Jump Rope you have 18 Total Mtn Climbers

Your goal is 20 Rounds total

****** solo crew*******
20 Min AMRAP but you have to rest same amount of time it took you to work through the round. A goal is 1 Minute rounds with 1 Minute Rest.

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