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March 24 2020

Running and Burpees. The new mandate about staying inside still allows for exercise outside so use it for your mental health. The hard part… all of the tracks and fields are going to be closed. Lol. Street running it is.

So here we are with something we can do with small space. It’s not fun! It’s hard! But it’s definitely going to be a great workout.

30 Min E5Minutes
300m Shuttle Run (6x50m)
20 Burpees
From starting point walk out 50 good steps and place your marker. You will run from start to that marker and back to start 3x
This can all be done in 12x25m runs too. Ew

30 Min E5Min
30 Cal Bike
20 Burpees

Non run or bike:
20 Min E5Min
1:30 second of Mtn Climbers
30 Burpees

Enjoy and I love you guys.

March 23, 2020 | WODs | Comments Off on March 24 2020

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