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March 21 2020

2 Up one Down Switch Backs
Run up 2 jog or walk back one. Keep doing this till you get to the top. Catch your breath and repeat same pattern down.
Jog or walk two down Run hard up one.

The goal here is to keep the runs up hard and intense. And then recover on the Jogs or walks. This will be tough at the end of the up and the beginning of the downs.

If you can’t run

Option A Bike
20 Cals Hard 10 Cals recovery for 8 Rounds.
20 Cals Recovery 10 Cal Sprint for 8 Rounds

Option B Row
300 hard 150 recovery 8 rounds
300 recovery 150 hard for 8 Rounds

Option C
20 Burpees Hard 20 Yard Walk x 5
20 Yard Walk 10 Burpees Hard as possible x5

Enjoy and have fun with this one.

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