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March 18 2020

If you have not joined the CFO Cardona virus support FB page let us know and we will get you in there.

There is also a gear checkout for anyone interested today.

Today is a good sweaty one. Def fun to do outside in the sun!

3 Min AMRAPs
1 Min rest between AMRAPs
Start AMRAP over each round and try to score same as round 1 each time. Keep the intensity high

Barbell Club round =
3 Power Cleans 135/95
6 Push UPS
9 Pistols or Squats

Minimal Weight Club Round =
3 Each arm DB or KB or 3 Anything GRound to OH
6 Push UPS
9 Pistols or Air Squats

Body weight Club
3 Broad/Box Jumps or Plank Burpees
6 Push UPS
9 Pistols or Air Squats

Miss Seeing your faves everyday. Keep the work up and get more fit! Proud of you keeping your fitness rolling. Workouts will be designed for 7 Days of workouts. Our engines will be better than they ever have!

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