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June 1 2018

Today we pay respects to the brave soldiers of Turbine 33:
“Turbine 33″
“On June 28, 2005 Lt. Michael Murphy and his team of SEALs was discovered by anti-coalition forces and engaged in a firefight that led to 3 SEALs being killed in action. A special operations MH-47G, with the tail number 146 was launched with eight SEALs from SEAL Team 10 and eight Nightstalkers from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment to attempt a daylight rescue of Lt. Murphy’s team. The aircraft, Turbine 33 was struck by an enemy RPG killing everyone aboard. We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom and our way of life”
1 Bar Muscle Up
4 Burpees
6 Power Clean
10 Pistols
*this WOD was created by Matt Kaplan and T in efforts to honor the NSDQ mentality!!!

Hollow Rocks Gymnastic Crunches

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