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Comments Off on June 1 2015

June 1 2015

This week we are gonna have some fun with some of the regional WODs from this past weekend. Some will be individual some will be partners or team style. Have fun and get after them. CFO WOD: Skill - Rope Climbs FOR TIME: Teams of 3 Tommy V+ 21/15/9 Thrusters 115/75 *all must ...

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Comments Off on May 29 2015

May 29 2015

CFO WOD: For Time: 300M shuttle 3 Rope climbs 2 Min rest 200m row 15 Hang Snatches 115/75 10 Bar Muscle Ups (CTB) 15 Hang Snatches 200m row 2 Min Rest 3 rope climbs 300m shuttle.

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Comments Off on May 28 2015

May 28 2015

CFO WOD: Partner Up - You Go I Go 10,000#s squats Every 1000#s run 200 together *you choose weight *1 rep at a time

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Comments Off on May 27 2015

May 27 2015

CFO WOD: 50 Toes to Bar in as few sets as possible 15 Rounds - Rounds 1-5---1 Strict Press @ 80% Rounds 6-10--1 Push Press @ 80% Rounds 11-15--1 Jerk @ 80% All Rounds- 7 Burpees

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Comments Off on May 25 2015

May 25 2015

CFO WOD: lil recovery day 300 Double Unders/singles EMOM 3 hang cleans 135/95 3x10 GHD sit Ups Jump Lunges

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Comments Off on Memorial Day Murph!

Memorial Day Murph!

CFO WOD: Not much more to say on this one. We will have starts at 8,9,&10. Remember why we do this WOD. Honor those that have fallen for our freedom. Thank you to those that continue to fight for our freedom

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Comments Off on May 22 2015

May 22 2015

CFO: For time- 1 round of Cindy to start each round (5pullups/10pushups/15squats) 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 Clean and Jerks 155/105 5 min rest For time- 100 Barbell Lunges @40% Squat 1RM

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Comments Off on May 21 2015

May 21 2015

CFO WOD: Choice of individual or Partner as we pay tribute to another hero. "Small" 3 rounds 1000m row 50 Burpees 50 box jumps 24/20 800m run 35 min cap!

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Comments Off on May 20 2015

May 20 2015

CFO WOD: "Partner Up" You go I go- Hand Stand push ups 1,2,3,2,3,2,1 Or HS holds 10,20,30,20.30,20,10 6 rounds 50 Rt Arm AD pumps 25 KB swings 53/35 50 double Unders *rotate trough the movements for 6 rounds

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Comments Off on May 19 2015

May 19 2015

Today we honor our heroes. We will be doing a couple hero WODs this week in leading up to Murph on Monday. We are so incredibly proud to have so many heroes among us at CFO. Thank you for all your sacrifices to keep us safe and ...

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