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Comments Off on Happy 51st JK!!!!

Happy 51st JK!!!!

Today we celebrate 51 years of pure awesomeness! Happy Birthday John Kramer. It is our new tradition to do the filthy 50 WOD every year John is in his 50s. We just have to add a rep each year. Enjoy! CFO WOD: Buy in 5100m row Then "Filthy ...

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Comments Off on A Farewell to Matt

A Farewell to Matt

Today we say goodbye to Matt Kaplan. He is moving on to a new life as he has exited the Military. Matt was part of the respected 160th Nightstakers. Matt and T created this WOD a couple years ago to honor the brave soldiers that flew in ...

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Comments Off on March 30 2015

March 30 2015

CFO WOD: 12 min OTM 2 squat Snatches 3 rounds 10 Front Squats 185/125 300m shuttle 20 Pull Ups

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Comments Off on Final Open WOD!!!

Final Open WOD!!!

Alright after five amazing weeks we are at the close of the open. We are always amazed at the drive and determination that you all come with each week to throw down and challenge yourselves. Thank you for being such amazing people and believing in what CFO is ...

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Comments Off on March 25 2015

March 25 2015

CFO WOD: For time: 1000m row ------------------ 9/15/21/15/9 Russian KB swings 70/53 Burpees ------------------ 800m run

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Comments Off on March 24 2015

March 24 2015

CFO WOD: 10 min AMRAP 5 STO 115/75 10 DL 115/75 15 box jumps 24/20 Then 3RM clean

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Comments Off on March 23 2015

March 23 2015

CFO WOD: For Time: Squat Snatch 12-95/65 200m run 9-115/75 200m run 6-135/95 200m run 3-165/115 200m run 3x Max rep Back Squats at finishing weight

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Comments Off on March 19 2015

March 19 2015

CFO WOD: 10 Min OTM 100m run 7 Burpees Score = completed rounds 3 Min Rest 3 Rounds 300m shuttle *2 Minute rest Fastest and slowest rounds.

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Comments Off on March 18 2015

March 18 2015

CFO WOD: Teams of 3 Rowling 15 frames *your Rowling score will determine the length of your AMRAP ????? AMRAP (5 minute minimum-20 Max) 5 snatches 11/75 15 Box Jumps 24/20 Max Double Unders *rotate through movements as a team.

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Comments Off on March 17 2015

March 17 2015

CFO WOD: Deadlift 5RM 20/15/10/5 Pistols Burpee Pull Ups

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