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Comments Off on 3/29/13 – 13.4!!! Here we go!!

3/29/13 – 13.4!!! Here we go!!

Ok guys here it is  FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!  been an awesome and fun week.  Cant wait to get a lil crazy.  Come ready to give it everything you got for 7 MIN!  

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Comments Off on 3/28/13 – Happy Birthday Anthony!!

3/28/13 – Happy Birthday Anthony!!

Yep Today is Anthony's Birthday.  Leave it to him to not tell us anything about it.  BDAY WOD will be coming next week.  hahahaha.. Giving a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Jilda.  She was kind enough to put herself out there and show a before CrossFit and Current CrossFit Pic with us. ...

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Comments Off on 3/27/13 – 13.4!!!!! Bring it

3/27/13 – 13.4!!!!! Bring it

Well 13.4 comes out tonight.  Pretty Stoked?  Terrified?  Ready for no sleep?  Hahaha  Bring it.   Ok so our Boy Matt is having a benefit wod for his Unit. We have all been invited to join in and I think we all should get up to the base and support him. It ...

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Comments Off on 3/26/12- it’s time!!!

3/26/12- it’s time!!!

Ok so it's time!!   It's week four of the open.  By now most of us are tired as hell.  For most of us this is the hardest we have ever really pushed our limits in CrossFit. This is the greatest thing about the open. We do it right and ...

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Comments Off on 3/23/13 –

3/23/13 –

Awesome Friday Night for 13.3!  Man I am amazed at the effort and desire to accomplish goals.  Some of you have truly inspired. CFO WOD:   Surprise!!!!!!!   come ready to have some fun

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Comments Off on 3/22/13 – 13.3 FUN FUN FUN

3/22/13 – 13.3 FUN FUN FUN

Well for some it is a brand new challenge, for others it is a chance to see how much better we have gotten over the last year. I cannot wait! Friday Night Lights is upon us for the 3rd week. Please keep bringing the excitement and fun and lets get ...

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Comments Off on 3/20/13-13.3!!!


Week 3 WOD 13.3 will be announced!! All of you have been so amazing. Friday night lights again this week. Can't wait. Again if you absolutely cannot make it Friday night or Saturday morning talk with Terry or Juan to see what we can do about ...

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Comments Off on 3/18/13


I just want to thank you all for making the 2013 Open so awesome. The energy in the gym is amazing and seeing people push themselves to points they never have is so awesome. True reason we do what we do. It is really amazing to watch. Week 4 this ...

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Comments Off on 13.2 is upon us

13.2 is upon us

Here we go... 13.2. Heat times are scheduled. Names are up. The lights will be on. Lets gat after it. Gonna be exciting. I encourage all competitors and judges to watch the standards video to minimize confusion and surprises CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.1 MEN - includes Masters Men up to 54 years ...

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Comments Off on 3/14/13 – This one gonna be fun!!!

3/14/13 – This one gonna be fun!!!

Remember we will be judging the open workouts on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Heat times are up on the board so please sign up. If you absolutely cannot come Friday night or Saturday Morning please let Juan or Terry know so that we can try and schedule a time ...

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