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*We are hosting a Double Under Clinic next Wednesday the 6th at 6:15PM. This is a free clinic and we strongly encourage you all to come and work on your skill.   This was a great Video that Brian somehow came across that just made me laugh.   CFO WOD: HAPPY 27th BDAY WOD FOR ...

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One week away...  NExt Wednesday is the official Open WOD 13.1 announcement.  Can't wait!  more and more of us are signing up.  Keep it coming and keep working hard! AWWWWWWWW... So Cute!!! LOL CFO WOD: Partner WOD 20 MIN AMRAP 15 Push Presses 95/65 30 Double Unders *Partner 1 performs reps while partner 2 rows 500m Switch when ...

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2/26/13– Skill Day

Friday nights is close upon us. As we talked about at the meeting tonight we will be having scheuled heat times for sign up starting at 4:15 every Friday night. Heat times will vary depending on the length of the WOD which we will find out each Wednesday. Great Night doing ...

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Comments Off on 2/25/13 – Harlem Shake!!

2/25/13 – Harlem Shake!!

The Open is a week away! I hope we are all ready for some excitement. If you know anyone that has not signed up lets get them in. The more the merrier and the more fun it will all be. ******Don't forget competitors meeting at 7:15 PM. We will discuss rules ...

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Sunday WOD & Yoga

Don't forget to get your Sunday Sweat on with Darrell and Marisa from 9-11. Power Yoga starts at 11:15. All competitors don't forget our meeting on Monday at 7:15 Harlem Shake right after. Dress to impress!!!

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CFO WOD: 5 rounds 1 round "DT" 12 Deadlift 155/105 9 Hang Power Clean 6 Push press 3 rounds "Cindy" 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 air squats *rest 2 min between rounds _______________________________ STRENGTH Rest Day

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CrossFit Open Meeting and Harlem Shake

Ok so the open starts on Wednesday March 6th. Monday Feb 25 (this next Monday) We are going to have a competitors meetiNg at 7:15 PM. Te meeting is not necessarily mandatory but highly recommended. We will be discussing the open rules and how it will al work as well as some ...

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CFO WOD: 45 Min time cap 1600m run 150 dubs 50 burpees 800m run 100 dubs 35 burpees 400m run 50 dubs 20 burpees _______________________________________________________ STRENGTH: 12 min OTM 2 Power Snatch AHAP WOD: 4 rounds 100m SPRINT 8 KB Swings 70/53 16 push ups Rest 2 min between rounds

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Just in case you were wondering.. CFO WOD: 10 min AMRAP 12 wall balls 20/14 OH plate Walking lunge line to line45/25 100m row OH plate walking lunge line to line 45/25 5 min rest 5 min AMRAP 7 burpees 7 MB clean 20/14 _________________________________________________ STRENGTH: Back Squat 3x5 @ +15 BW Strict Press 1RM WOD: 10 min AMRAP 1 press 90% 1 strict pull up 1 press 2 ...

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A LIL "DT" love for our friends at CF Puyallup. Hey everyone, Ben's brother from CrossFit Puyallup, is one of the CrossFit heroes. We will be honoring Timothy Davis, "DT", this week. CFO WOD: *This is NOT for time!! Overhead Squats 5,5,5 Front Squats 3,3,3 Back Squats 1,1,1 * you must add weight each set ...

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